Lore of the Fallen J.M. Eller

ISBN: 9781425128715

Published: January 25th 2008


220 pages


Lore of the Fallen  by  J.M. Eller

Lore of the Fallen by J.M. Eller
January 25th 2008 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 220 pages | ISBN: 9781425128715 | 3.38 Mb

In Lore of the Fallen, Paradise and Tartarus war over the souls of Earth in the classic good vs. evil conflict. The Guardians, Michael and Christopher, must protect their Charges, the humans: Lore and James. The orphaned Heiress and the battle scarred Barron are forced to wed and chaos ensues. Striving to bring peace to their Charges, the Guardians, face intense opposition as they struggle to help their mortals resist temptation and fulfill their respective destinies......

But the malevolent Traducers of Tartarus have other ideas for these two humans. The lethal Liakime and the lustful Legna manipulate time and space as they toy with Lore and James, in an attempt to thwart destiny. The two Traducers thrive on a constant uproar of conspiracies and intrigues with their fellow Tartaruchans, as they relentlessly pursue the mortal couple. Liakime and Legna will stop at nothing to achieve absolute power and turn Lore and James in to the Fallen.

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