What He Wants: Vain (Billionaire Fantasies Series Part Book 3) Vanessa Lafferty



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What He Wants: Vain (Billionaire Fantasies Series Part Book 3)  by  Vanessa Lafferty

What He Wants: Vain (Billionaire Fantasies Series Part Book 3) by Vanessa Lafferty
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Being vain is one of the things that make Justin successful at what he does. But when he starts to love Katie, he can’t help but apply that vanity towards her in the fear that Katie might feel undeserving of him and leave him instead.

He wants to bring the best in her so she would never feel intimidated by him. He’s so proud of her that he feels like she’s the extension of what he is now and that the whole world should see her potentials. It’s his way of keeping her.And it’s been a challenge to Katie the fact that he’s not doing it for himself but actually for her thinking that he’s helping her. It’s quite challenging for Justin Dunn not to be involved with his girlfriend, Katie Montgomery’s life issues.Maybe now more than ever since Justin already proposed to Katie to marry him.

What matters most to him is her happiness, which is why they have started their relationship quite rough as he manages to mold her into someone he thought would be best for their relationship.For him, it’s a favour that he’s doing for Katie.With a normal relationship, it will be expected of the woman to appreciate every help she could get from his man.However, it’s different for Katie. She knows that she has to make her own stand if she ever wants to be helpful to the company Justin is building for her.

And although she’s trying so hard to earn peace from Justin’s people, she’ll get it somehow.Will this set up work for the both of them if Katie feels quite the opposite of what Justin wants her to feel instead? She feels being worthless and futile—these kinds of vanity.Is it going to end their relationship?And what will happen if Melissa, Katie’s best friend, adds up to the stress?Is there going to be a happy ever after for Katie and Justin?

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