It Is Time For YOU To Be Financially Free! Patricia D. Cota-Robles

ISBN: 9780961528768

Published: January 1st 2005

Mass Market Paperback

51 pages


It Is Time For YOU To Be Financially Free!  by  Patricia D. Cota-Robles

It Is Time For YOU To Be Financially Free! by Patricia D. Cota-Robles
January 1st 2005 | Mass Market Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 51 pages | ISBN: 9780961528768 | 8.25 Mb

I have no quarrel with most of the content, or rather, message, in this little book. Cota-Robles is apparently a spiritually advanced being and communicates the message that abundance is our divine birthright, or rather Divine Birthright, but in order to attain financial freedom, we first need to clear our relationship with money.Patricia Tells us that the “Natural law of the Universe” is give-and-take. She commands us to give away money. Or rather, she commands: “WE MUST GIVE AWAY MONEY”.Everyone has presumably heard of tithing, paying 10% of our income to the Church (which I certainly am not going to do, ha, ha!) or some other spiritual institution or the like that we would like to support.

But Patricia takes this to a whole new level. She states: “you don’t have any choice in the matter”. “You have already accepted your gift of life, and now you must give something back to the universe.” I take exception here to Patricia’s tone and the fact that it is an injunction. But I know that many (but not all) experts on the subject advocate the practice of tithing.Patricia does present a useful alternative suggestion, which I hadn’t heard before, and which I may well try – that of making a small contribution, for example, $5 or $10 dollars, here and there, claiming one’s ten-fold return each time.

She says that eventually we will begin to experience the wonderful “Flow of Prosperity”. I find this method more suitable to my present financial situation. Thank you, Patricia.This now brings me to main complaint – Patricia’s hifalutin style of writing. I find her style largely unreadable, as I often have to read her sentences again and again in a vain attempt to comprehend her meaning.

This is due to her heavy, dense, compact style overloaded with lofty spiritual concepts. There is no lightness or humour, only lofty. sublime, exalted, weighty, grand or grandiose words, phrases and expressions. In order to increase the weightiness of her words she maximizes the use of capital letters, bold script, italics, and so on.She uses these techniques again and again throughout the book, throughout all her books, as far as I can see.Here is an example of her style:“After we invoke the Violet Light of Forgiveness together as One Unified Consciousness, we will join with the entire Company of Heaven and magnetize the Cosmic Forcefield of Prosperity that is pulsating in the atmosphere into the everyday lives of all Awakened Light Beings evolving on Planet Earth.”She does provide a page of useful prosperity affirmations (but if I understand her correctly they won’t work unless we tithe), and concludesthe book with a meditation to transmute poverty consciousness, though the latter is too much for me, again owing to her weightiness.

I’m sure there is a literary term denoting Patricia’s style of language, but I’m not familiar with it.In short, I can’t recommend this book, since I find that Patricia’s style detracts from her message, which is how best to let go of poverty consciousness and attract abundance.

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